Friday, October 13, 2006

Cookie Memories

Cookies! I have fond memories of making Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies with my dad. We made lots of cookies (and pralines too!) during what turned out to be his last Christmas season. I haven't made them since...until today.

Gabe came home with us after preschool today and the boys decided it was "too told" to be outside. Rather than sit them in front of yet another Thomas the Tank Engine movie, I thought they might like to help bake cookies. I've been cleaning out my cupboards and had unearthed 2 packages on chocolate chips which need to be gone from my house. What better way to get rid of them than to enlist the help of the preschoolers. With help like that, things don't seem like quite the chore.

Gabe opted out, and continued to haul play-doh loads around the kitchen (because even play-doh requires truck involvement), as Will and I mixed the flour and sugar and eggs and, of course, the chocolate chips. It was a good day and another good chocolate chip cookie-making memory.


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