Sunday, October 15, 2006

Just An Ordinary Weekend - Thank Goodness!

We didn't do much this weekend. Just the usual - running here for this (Lowes for shelves & hardware, and then again for a new dishwasher) and running there for that (Caroline to Ciaccia's to work on the class newspaper & Morgan to Rianna's for a murder mystery birthday party - Morgan's character was the murderer!). We've gotten a lot accomplished around the house which, of course, makes being home even more enjoyable. Katherine took Will's lead and made more chocolate chip cookies for today's luncheon at church, and Will spent part of the afternoon watching Stuart Little - upside down! We've been amused by Will's incredibly accurate recitation of the movie's dialogue. Too funny.
Compared to last weekend, this weekend didn't even register! Last weekend, David went with friends to West Virginia for some incredible whitewater rafting on the Gauley River. Thankfully, he kept us posted throughout the trip so we didn't worry too much. Last weekend, Katherine ended up in the Urgent Care Center for an "entrapped finger". That place was great - we waited only 15 minutes to go back and the nurses were actually treating her before we finished registering.

Last weekend definitely held more excitement, none of which I was sorry to do without. The only events nearing exciting around here this weekend were a highly contested chess match between Caroline & her friend Molly, and a clarinet/piano duet by Morgan & Caroline. Oh, and getting a new dustbuster.


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